The ugly truth of fast fashion

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I watched this week's film, “The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion ” on how horrible the short style enterprise model is so damaging to society and the environment. I didn't know that many stores that market to be environmentally friendly are actually fast fashion stores in disguise. It's sad to see how the environment and people are being exploited and abused in horrible conditions in order for people who are more fortunate to be able to buy clothes at a slightly more affordable price. The fact is, people like the constant change of fashion industry and culture which promotes this work environment. The capability of these companies to exploit people through predatory tactics is scary to think about because of the power and wealth that they hold. The people working in these conditions have no other choice but to work and these companies are taking advantage of this fact. The environmental problems caused by this rampant consumerism of clothes is the immense use of water to produce cotton and the materials for these clothes. Before this film, I didn't know that so many people don't even use 1/2 of the garments they currently bought more than three times which is crazy to think about. One thing that I have been starting to do is to thrift for clothes instead of buying new clothes. Watching these films and learning from this course has solidified my view that lifestyle changes are the first steps towards climate action. I enjoyed watching this week's film and I hope that more people will be exposed to the issues created by our clothing lifestyle.