Why is Fast Fashion bad? What are some issues it causes?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Have you ever imagined life without fashion, cause I don't. Today I will be talking about fast fashion. If you don't know what fast fashion is, it's cheap low quality clothing that's rapidly produced and is cycled in and the market meets new trends. Once the trend is over the manufacturer stays with all their clothes guess what they do? Keep reading to know. Do you shop at shein , macy, forever 21 and other companies? They are all fast fashion companies . You may say this is not a big deal but it is.

Fast fashion is bad and this is my opinion on why it is bad. Let's say this outfit is trendy, many companies like shein and others are quick to make it as soon as the outfit goes out of style people stop buying it when this happens manufacturers burn the clothes that people aren't really buying instead of donating to people indeed. When you burn clothes its really bad for the environment. This can produce carbon dioxide into the air and that's not good for us or the environment. Not only burning clothes but workers are getting low pay for something they took the time on. I know everybody would like to get paid for what they work for who wants to get underpaid, not me. Anyways, this is my friend's point of view. She believes that it doesn't matter and she only cares about fashion. I honestly see where she is coming from but not everything is about fashion or being on the trend. Let's hear from my other friend. I honestly love fashion but I prefer the environment. Looks like she agrees with me that not everything is about fashion.

Just to conclude on everything I have talked about, fashion is not always the key. Fast fashion is not more important than this environment or workers getting underpaid. And if you still don't agree with me, put yourself in their shoes. They have family to go back and feed and getting underpaid will not solve the issue.