How to make a standpoint


From the 28th of November, week 5 of the Festival, you will be able to submit standpoints on the topics that you feel the strongest about.

A standpoint is your final view about a topic.

This piece of work will sum up your opinion on a topic you learnt about. You should work on developing your standpoints in class before submitting them. You can only submit one standpoint per topic.

All standpoints are entered into our standpoint competition and judges will select five winners at the end of the Festival.

How to submit a standpoint

  1. Go to MY WORK
  2. Click on
    Create a new standpoint
    This will only be possible from November 28th!
  3. Select a topic
    You can only submit one standpoint per topic
  4. Choose whether you want to create a written, audio or video standpoint
  5. If you picked writing, add a title and write your standpoint. If you picked audio or video, write your title, record you video or audio live from your device. Then submit for approval
    For audio or video standpoints, you will need a device with a microphone and/or video to record. Videos will first be approved by your teachers before being sent for moderation.
    You can upload pre-recorded videos or film them live through your device. All audio must be recorded live.

Need more help? Watch the video below!