Meet our…skills and knowledge!


During the Festival, we’d like you to demonstrate important skills and knowledge in your discussions. Showing these in your responses will not only make your comments more interesting, but will also earn you stars, which might get you awards!

We’ll be looking for the following skills in your responses:

Skill Solid Listening 2020


because good listeners learn more.

Skill Solid Speaking 2020


because good speakers have discussions that help everyone to learn, including themselves.

Skill Solid Problem Solving 2020


because good problem-solvers can work out what’s really going on and what should be done about it.

Skill Solid Creativity 2020


because creative people can come up with ideas about what’s going on and what can be done about it.

We’ll also be looking to see if you can demonstrate your knowledge of the news, including:

  • Knowledge of important news events and discussions – for example, the topics and discussions from your Topical Talk lessons
  • Knowledge of the how people find the news – for example, television, radio and social media
  • Knowledge of the context of news stories – for example, understanding why people from different countries react differently to the same story
  • Knowledge of the most common themes that shape the news – for example, power, justice and scarcity