Equality and Fairness

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My topic is Masha Amini, this is important to me because I believe in equality and fairness. What they did to Mahsa Amini was uncalled for, especially because of the reason, which was her not wearing her hijab. Others in Iran tried to fight for Mahsa Amini but It was not easy because they had to deal with police brutality. So others outside of Iran should speak up for the ones who can't.

Mahsa Amini and others inside of Iran who tried to stand up for her were also affected. I believe what happened and what the police did was not right, many would agree, but how about the people who don't. Some may say that she knew the religion and the possible outcomes, but do you think thats fair. How would you feel If you had gotten your hair done and really loved the style, but had to cover it up. Men in Iran can show their hair and all of their cool haircuts, but woman have to cover their hair with scarves. If women don't cover their hair they have to deal with consequences.

I think this is gender Inequality (which is on gender having more privilages then the other gender), why should men be able to show their hair but not woman. The people who can speak should speak . We need to get Mahsa Amini justice, the same way you would want some to do for you. Mahsa Amini died in police custody because of police brutality, this shouldn't be tolerated.