Protests in Iran

There have been lots of topics that were discussed in Topical Talks. I will be talking about the protest in Iran.

The government is forcing women to wear a hijab or else you'll be arrested. Obviously what they're is wrong and needs to be stopped. This topic is important to me because as a woman myself, I feel like women and girls should have the same amount of freedom that boys get. Also, it must be scary to go around the city and have the fear of getting beaten up just for not wearing a hijab to cover your hair. Like I said women are the ones that are mostly affected by this and the experience must be terrifying.

Here are some opinions from some of the people in Iran. "We are worried that the world will forget about Iran as soon as the regime shuts down the internet (which is already happening)." - A female protester in Iran. The other protester states "Sure, men have been deprived of their rights in Iran, but women are really, really deprived of every right... So they’re on the front lines. They’re taking off their scarves. They’re waving them in front of the anti-riot police. They’re getting beaten up. They’ll do whatever is necessary to get their goal, which is the end of the regime and equal rights".-A male protester in Iran.

The prime minister Ali Khamenei, cancelled the police that were beating up the women for not wearing a hijab just a few weeks ago! I think that the supreme leader should just end the whole thing wearing the hijab incident that is going on. He kicked his niece out of Iran because she participated in the protest. The women have to wear their hijab for religious reasons. But the women can still be religious in their country with or without wearing a hijab. For example, the women could go to their mosques daily to be religious to their country. This is not the only way, there are many other ways to be religious for your country as well as to wear a hijab. In conclusion, the government in Iran should just let the women be free and let them wear what they want to wear so they can express themselves and their sense of fashion. No matter what gender they are. EQUAL RIGHTS