This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

This argument is mainly based on wh teinternet should be a human right.

  • I think the internet should be a human right because most of the current activities in the world are conducted online. A familiar example is the topical talk programme where schools around the world give their students a chance to interact with others virtually via the Internet and share ideas about problems in the world. The Internet has empowered most with the ability to improve their innovative and creative skills to solve problems in their community. for example in our country, during the COVID -19 pandemic when school had to shut down, learning kept going on via the Internet using apps like zoom. everyone deserve the chance to access the Internet in order to promote learning and trade.
  • If the Internet was limited, people's right to education will be greatly affected following the fact that in modern school students use computers as learning aids and are given assignments and are supposed to research from the Internet and therefore won't be in position to accomplish their assignments in time or even fail them due to obstruction of Internet knowledge.

Limiting the Internet will affect people's public relations as most people feel more comfortable sharing their opinions online than in person. It will also affect the people's right of accessing information since the Internet is the most accurate and up to date information source.

I also think the internet should be a right because the way the internet has been ingrained into the social and economic stand points of the world, the internet is an important tool to have and plays a role into free speech. Currently, the quickest and most efficient way to inform or be informed is through the internet. Restricting internet access anywhere in world is directly restricting citizens from informing the rest of the world of what's happening in the country and speaking out against the government.

Without the Internet, people in one country wouldn't be able to know what is happening in others countries or even communities around them since the Internet is the fastest source of information. The second best source of information would be newspapers but they take long to circulate around communities and newspapers are expensive to buy. News from the Internet are better in all ways since they have video feed to back them up therefore without the Internet, it will be harder to receive accurate information. it would also be extremely hard for almost anyone who wants to make a difference in this world, make a difference. The internet is the bulk of information in our society and whether or not someone can use it, is keeping them from using free speech.

  • On the other hand, I don't think the internet should be a human right because before the invention of the internet, people lived fine without it, it may be common for people to use the internet nowadays but like what Vincent Turf said "Technology is an enabler of rights not a right itself." I agree with that because the internet makes rights, but it is not a right itselfitself. What do you think?