Iran's protesting crisis.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I think the protesting and the problem in iran is horrible and cruel , but we need to solve this problem in iran somehow..

I think that Children shouold be able to protest and have their own personal point and give people an idea and have an idea on how to solve the worlds problem right now. At the end of the day, Children and young people are human beings too, so we cant leave them out.

Mahsa Amini really struggled in her life, I feel like women in Iran should be free with their own lives and its them that should be in control in their lives. Being told what to wear and how to act is very horrible and really controlling.

If children did protest i could be a danger and a risk to their lives because in the UK protesters are being dragged off the streets and being hurt in general.

If this carries on, the world will probably become a miserable place and will seem like a risk for everyone in iran and women will become more insecure. This really needs to stop because i think this will all end badly or not end if we keep going on like this.

Its not the womens fault some women just want to be free with their lives and wear what they want and not feel bad and threatened. I hope this all ends soo, and no more women have to go through what Mahsa Amini had to sadly go through..

RIP Mahsa Amini.