Is gender equality just in Iran?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I feel that this topic about women in Iran has made me interested because Iran's government, who is using its power wrongly, has made women in Iran no longer have the rights they should have and this is dreadful. Over 300 people have been killed, such as Minoo Majidi, her last words were, “If I don't protest, who will?” This has motivated me and other people to fight against inequality in Iran. But is gender equality just in Iran or in other countries like the UK?

More women, young or old, are being discriminated against by morality police. Annalena Baerbock (foreign minister in Germany) said that those who beat up women and girls on the street are standing on the wrong side of history. I strongly agree with her; it is wrong. I also know that men are being killed for protesting.

There is another problem against girls in countries such as the research by Sterling Bank which reported that girls get 20 percent less pocket money than boys. The strange thing is that women are doing this too but the women used to be girls so if women are doing this doesn't that mean they are being unequal to their own gender?

My opinion is that all governments should change and not show inequality to girls. What we can do to help this is by acting fast and protesting more than we ever have and not to give up. Another way we can help is by donating money for them to leave Iran and get a better education and home. There are so many ways we can help. The third way we can help is by telling friends and family and pursuing them to help and join the protests. We must help.