Protest For Amini

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Why do I think citizens outside of iran should speak out for Iran? I think they should speak out for Iran because if the Iranian government doesn't let Iranians have freedom of speech to speak out for their own kind then people outside of Iran can help and speak for Iran. The Iranian government claimed that Masha Amini was a dangerous woman because she didn't wear the proper clothes in the Iranian dress code and was arrested. During the arrest she later died and the Iranian police and government claimed that it was due to an underlying disease, but it was actually caused by the Iranian officers detaining her.

Most people think that people outside of Iran shouldn't be speaking up for Iran because it might make things worse than it already was. They're afraid that the Iranian officers will kill more than the 300 people they killed during the protest. The people who really shouldn't speak up for Amini are children. Children might get really hurt in a protest because if the protest goes wrong the children might get hurt or worse they can get killed. People outside of Iran should speak up for Irran so that they can avoid children Joining the protest and getting hurt or killed. And the confusion is that 300 people were killed during the protest over Masha not being in the proper dress code for Iranians. Why should she be killed by detainment over one little mistake she made and the Iranian government Just let the police officers who detained her get away with it and lying that ir was an accidental disease that caused her to die the Iranians knew so they tried to stand up for her.

I honestly think that people outside of Iran should speak up for it because with the whole world against the Iranian government they might be able to get the Iranians to finally get their justice for Amini's death and stop the protest without anymore Iranians getting harmed. Especially because of the kids, the kids should not have to worry a lot and join the protest and get harmed so someone should speak up for Iran's troubles if Iran is not able to stand up for itself. The Iranians might be scared for themselves and how over 300 people got killed and might give up but if the whole world helps, we have their back.