Protest in Iran

The protests in Iran started in September when Mahsa Amini was caught without a headscarf, (hijab). She later died in police custody as the Morality Police were too brutal with her.

The effects of Mahsa Amini dying are:

Ladies are burning their head scarfs,

People are cutting their hair and even men are participating in the protests in Iran and around the world.

Mahsa Amini was breaking the law as Iranian women should wear head scarfs as it is a part of their law. It is also part of the Islamic law for women.

I believe, Ii is really unfair how Iranian women have to wear a headscarf whereas men do not. This is not fair on women as they have to wear it 24/7 and men not at all. Women should be able to choose how to dress. Iranians also can't share their feelings on the internet as the government has struck down their internet.

There has been a ‘Gender Equality Act’ so why hasn’t that affected Iran?

I believe that Mahsa Amini should not have died by the morality police as we don’t have a dress code and neither should other countries as it is unfair that men are being treated more fairly than ladies. Is the protest worth human lives?