Protest In Iran about police brutality

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My topic is about protests in Iran and why it's important to me. Some protests in Iran are about police brutality that kill innocent people about their opinions like not wanting to wear a hijab and other protests are about womens rights.There is a woman named Mahsa Amini that was killed by police, but the government says that she died of a heart attack and not from police brutality.Citizens think otherwise of her cause of death.People can't really do anything about the police brutality or they will get beaten up.The government says you have to choose to be Muslim or another religion thats allowed in Iran .Mahsa Amini chose to be Islam, being Islam can mean to a hijab to hide her hair.Mahsa Amini didn't want to wear a hijab properly.Even if women wanted to do something about it they wouldn't be able to because of the lack of rights women have.