protest in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

✩Now what next? Perhaps all of us, as women and girls, ask ourselves this question, from where do we start demanding freedoms? For what reason would I be killed without knowing just because I am a woman? And how long will the consolation of women continue for strange reasons!
Yesterday, girls were slaughtered because they said "no," and today a girl was deprived of her first and simplest right to human rights, which is the right to life, just because she deviated from the correct standards from the point of view of the authorities, who install themselves as "angels" on our shoulders who record our actions and even go beyond their work to hold us accountable for them.
Unfortunately, some of those who believe understand religions wrongly and badly, and the great calamity is when they have the authority and power to apply their own understanding to entire societies.
So, in this case and in a story similar to what happened with Mahsa, fear transcends security and stability, and even our lives, freedoms, and rights as women, to expand and include our reaction to everything that happens around us: increased desire for crime, lack of respect and understanding of our differences, and the ability to accept the other. Without canceling it, trying to change it, judging it, or even exercising violence against it just because it is different!Violence is a cycle that, whenever it begins, becomes difficult to end, and when it rotates and approaches us, we may forget our principles and our quest for peace, so we complete them, and violence becomes our new approach to defend our rights, or perhaps just to vent our frustration and anger.