protest songs

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The combination of the right lyrics, rhythm and instruments can build a group identity, stir strong emotions, engage audiences and amass people to take action. This makes music the perfect partner for social changeI think that songs arre a good method to share a message, because songs can seed feelings and emotions in us, and I belive that if I could publish a song as a message, in this case I will send it to the world governments or to my head of state to make them feel the emotions and thoughts of the ordinary peopleSongs are among the most tools that help in communicating different messages and needs very quickly, and they are able to convey different meanings and theories in the simplest ways due to the interest of young people and children in them. Songs are better than any other means of conveying events and ideas. You don't know that with these words and melodies, we can make our story reach all over the world, and the songs were able to convey the Iranian problem of Mrs. Mahasa Amini to the world. The songs emit in the person the wonderful feelings mentioned in them, which makes the person understand them quickly, and among the songs that carry very wonderful meanings are the songs of the Palestinian artist Muhammad Assaf.