protesters in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Protests in Iran

In Iran there has been a lot of protest because of the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old woman. The morality police said that Mahsa Amini had a heart attack but people don't believe them and are saying she got abused by the police. Mahsa Amini was not actually doing anything wrong, she was just wearing her head scarf loosely.

The effect of Mahsa Amini’s death is that there are lots of people taking to the streets to protest. Some people in Iran are burning their head scarves. Another effect is loads of women are being hurt by morality police for protesting which is very unfair for them. Now people are stepping on pictures of the Iranian government in anger. The morality police are hurting women with sticks when they are protesting.

I believe that people all over the world, not just women but also men, should protest. We should all protest because we are all global citizens. I also think that women should be able to choose if they wear a headscarf or not.

There is a good way to fix this problem. They should just make men and women be treated equally. I also think that women in Iran should be able to choose what they wear. I would say that morality police are bullying them because they are doing it (hurting them) over and over again which is very unfair and frightening for the Iranian women.

It is not just in Iran where there are gender issues. In the UK a study by Starling Bank shows that boys are likely to receive 20% more pocket money than girls, which is very unfair for girls. However, a positive for gender equality is that in Qatar the first ever women referee team took place this year and it has made a big change in football and a huge step forward for women.