Protesting In Iran

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Paragraph 1

so my topic is about Protest in Iran So in islamlic religion you have to wear a hijab based what i heard it's a choice to wear a hijab

but most people tend to keep it on but in iran you don't have a choice to wear it or not mostly for women men don't really wear hijab but if women are getting treatment men should to a few weeks ago the supreme leader said it was a requirement to wear hijab for women and when most women did not want to they either got shot/killed or sent to jail for disrespecting or disobeying the supreme leader and it was to the point a 16 year old girl got shot and/ or killed because she did not want to wear her hijab then the supereme's leader's niece got sent to jail many times for protesting about this hijab i think they should have the choice to wear it or not

Paragraph 2

Also another Reason is I know there sharing this on social media and more but precious family members (mostly women) are being killed for taking off their hijab and a few weeks ago the morality police were killing people although the morality police is gone they had caused most of the problems on of the 16 yeard old killed was mahsa amini she was killed for taking off her hijab.Civil unrest and protests against the government of Iran associated with the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini began on 16 September 2022 and are ongoing as of early December 2022. alsoIran carried out its second execution linked to the anti-government protests challenging the country’s theocracy on December 12. Our Observer, Hadi Ghaemi, who works as the Executive Director of the ‘Centre for Human Rights in Iran’, told us this “killing spree” to crush protests is likely to shift into “high gear” very soon. At least 11 protesters are currently on death row. Meanwhile, 28 others, including children, are facing charges that carry the death penalty.