Protests in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Protests In Iran: Mahsa Amini

In this standpoint, I will write about my opinion about the ongoing protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini(a 22-year-old Muslim girl.)Mahsa Amini was arrested for taking off her hijab-a headscarf legally worn by women as part of Islamic culture- in public and supposedly died of a heart attack a few weeks later.

Many people have protested that Mahsa Amini died because of the morality police’s brutality, but this accusation has repeatedly been denied by the morality police and Iranian officials. The Iranian government, which has been seriously affected by the protests and disorder in Iran, has also disabled the internet -which has led to issues in receiving news all over the country. Many assume that this precaution took place because the Iranian government wanted more people to be less informed about the protests happening in many parts of Iran.It is thought that this would lower the number of people protesting for Mahsa Amini, resulting in officials once again gaining control of the protesting country. Experts have shown that the morality police have approached mobs of blazing protesters with brutal beatings, gunshots and fines. Reports have proven that 89% of protesters suffer from major injuries and 8 people have died at most.

I believe that the protesters do fight for a good cause; Mahsa Amini didn’t deserve to be beaten to death like she was. She is just one example of many discriminated women who were prosecuted for being women. Funeral numbers have soared, with the biggest increase being in women’s death rates-55%! Who will surrender to the other side, the protesters or the officials and the government?