Protests in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

In September 2022 Mahasa Amini was seen without a headscarf on and police beat her and killed her just because of this. People say that they heard gunshots during the protests that followed her arrest. Morality police say that she died of a heart attack but others suspect otherwise.

SInce Mahasa Amini’s arrest, some women in protest, have not worn their headscarves and have even shaved their heads because of this incident. Men and women continue to protest about this around the world but the Iranian government has shut off the entire internet community so that other people will not think bad about it.

My view of this is that women should have the same right as men do and that men should not always be the one in charge. I believe that people around the world should be able to protest this as well and bring about change. Even more deaths have been happening in Iran due to the protests.

Is what you wear the cost of a human life?