Protests in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My topic is Protests in Iran. I chose this topic because I think it is unfair how women are getting treated unfairly. They are getting killed just for not having their hijabs but men get to wear whatever they want. When the women try to protest they die because of it while men are doing whatever they want. Another weird thing to me that stuck out is the fact how people that who don't live in Iran are not able to communicate with the people in Iran. In my own words, I would say that Iran is affected by this because how are you going to kill people because they are not wearing a hijab, it really doesn't make sense to me. How are young teenage girls dying over some silly act of not wearing their hijabs and the men get to wear what they want and don't get punished for it while the women do? My question is, why can't people that don't live in Iran, unable to communicate with the people inside Iran. I guess it's because Iran doesn't want much word to get out about everything that has been going on. Why punish people in such a cruel way for not having something that covers their heads? The Supreme leader's niece got arrested for not protesting against her uncle. She disagreed with her uncle's actions. The supreme leader's niece got arrested for doing so. I think it's unfair how somebody can get locked up and die for not putting something on their head. They need freedom. I think it's unfair how people that don't live in Iran can't even help people because according to my information. People who live in the United States can't help protest and can barely reach their families to help support their families. After all, Iran is a very strict country that's why it's so hard so people to reach out to their families and give them support so they can be free.