This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I wanted to talk about how Mahsa Amini's death caused protests around the world. I chose to write about this topic because some countries like Iran and Afghanistan are having women's rights issues and all of us still have a responsibility to speak out. If we don't change it now, then there will be more conflict around the world and we can't live in peace.

Mahsa Amini, who was just 22 years old, was killed for wearing her hijab loosely. People are saying that she collapsed but many people think she was beaten up by police as she was shown in hospital.

Women who are protesting are burning their headscarves and men are also shaving their heads too in support of this. The morality police are trying to stop the protests in Iran and are also trying to stop the internet, which is reporting from Iran. In Iran, police are reported to be firing on the streets and teenagers aren’t scared to stamp and burn photos of their leaders.

In Iran, women are facing sexism and it is not right. As global citizens we all have a part to play so that we can live in a peaceful world that has equality everywhere.

My earnest opinion is that I don't think that women in Iran are receiving their rights and we can all change that by speaking out in support so that this world can be a good world and all women have their rights and not have sexism. We should all have human rights even if we are a man or a woman. So in life, girls and women should have a choice to do what they want and wear what we want. Women and girls around the world shouldn’t be afraid to live life in freedom. But sadly, many women and girls around the world are.