Standpoint Protest In Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


There were four different topics on Topical talks that we discussed. I chose the topic of Protests in Iran. I wanted to choose the topic of Protests in Iran because the Prime Minister of Iran (Ali Khamenei) isn't fair to women or teenage girls. If women protest in Iran they get killed, beaten up, or get sent to jail. It isn't fair because women have to wear hijabs and men are not required to wear a hijab. It's like women don't have rights.

This topic affects a lot of people because women aren't treated like they're supposed to be. I think that people inside Iran are frightened to stand up for someone. They probably think that they might get killed or beaten up. Women shouldn't get treated unfairly for not wearing a hijab on their heads. The supreme leader's niece got arrested for protesting against her uncle. Other people also protest, this next statement came from a female protester in Iran, "We are worried that the world will forget about Iran as soon as the regime shuts down the internet - which is already happening."