Stop killing women in Iran

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Research has it that during the protest in Iran,their was massive killing of people especially among women,the protest began in Tehran on 16th September,2022 because of the death of a young girl Mahsa Amini.The government of Iran under the Guidance patrol ,they set a law of punishing people who will violet the Islamic dress code. When Masha was seen wearing her hijab incorrectly and skinny jeans,she was arrested and later killed. This made the people of Iran to rise up so that they can fight for their rights . The biggest number to be killed during the protest was the young girls,who had rose up to fight the poor ways their parents had gone through during the past 43 years. The killing of these young women left many young babies with no mothers to take care of them,some were left with bruises on their bodies,others lost their body parties like the hands,legs. They left school going children in misery since no one could prepare them for school