The different outfits of immorality

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


As children, we are always told to obey rules, which we’re never happy to do, especially when it comes to school. This year, my English teacher showed us a video which made me understand that not having rules would be much worse. We need rules so that we can all live in order.

When we talked about the protests in Iran, we were all shocked to see that a woman was killed for the simple fact of not covering her hair. To us, this is just unthinkable. Any person should be allowed to wear whatever they want. However, what we failed to take into consideration was that in thinking about this issue, we were applying our own rules, the rules that countries in Europe are used to. Immorality wears different outfits in different parts of the world. Wearing short skirts used to be immoral in Europe not so long ago and so were other things that are now considered acceptable, although many people still strongly dislike them. If someone went out on the street naked in any European country, the police would arrest them for immoral behaviour. Not covering your hair is considered immoral in Iran, so what’s the difference? Maybe the only unacceptable thing, irrespective of your culture, is the fact that this arrest ended up in the woman’s death. But then again, it appears that this type of accident has also happened in European countries too.

People in Europe are very concerned with the way they look, they have lost all track of modesty and also all interest for spiritual things. We are surrounded by billboards and videos of women in bikinis and all sorts of people with immodest behaviour. So who are we to impose our moral standards on other cultures?