Will the Iranian government's policies against women come to an end?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The protests in Iran are really over the fact that women don’t not have rights and because the morality police are taking over the country. Iran is known for many deaths of protestors, including the death of the twenty-two year old woman Mahsa Amini, whose death sparked the protests. While witnesses say she was beaten several times, the police say she had a cardiac arrest.

A news article says that other countries around the world are ignoring the fact that Iran needs our help, but should people speak out? People in Iran have been protesting on and off about their nation. News articles say school boys from Iran write under benches to hide and that it is their way of protesting.

Gender inequality is going on everywhere in different parts of the world but the main country at the moment is Iran. A news report reported that a woman who was participating in a rock climbing competition said she forgot her hijab and therefore she couldn't win.

The problem started in 1979. I think that it is unbelievable and outrageous that most women are getting arrested for not following the strict dress code. I strongly believe that we all are human and we should speak out for one another. What happened to Mahsa Amini is heart breaking and we should make changes to this act.

Annalena Barebook, Germany’s foreign minister, described that others should not ignore it but should stand up to help them. Will you also stand up for what is going on?