This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Hey do you think that people outside of Iran should speak out? In my opinon I feel like people outside of Iran should speak out .One of the reasons i think this is because if Iran's governemnts is making it diffcult for Iran's to speak out then it has to be let out some way . You may not know who Mashsa Amin is but Today you will find out .mahsa Amin was a 22 year od wommen who was arrested and killed for not coverning up her hair properly with her scarf .Iran polices say that her death was caused by a underline diseasuse .But according to people what the polices were saying was a lie .

What happend to Masha left a lot of people around the world speach less .Many has quesions like what happend to equal rights .Evening though a lot of people thought that polices were wrong about what they did to her .Some thought that iran polices were right .darning123 said The polices were right about what they did.Others added comments like rules are rules .I think that darning is wrong because every one should be treated with equals right no matter whats thier gender or what they belive in .Imagine if Mens wouldn't be able to wear anything pink because if they did they would get arrested and Imagine if womens could wear anything that wanted to . That right their is an example of unequal rights . Unequal rights is when something is unfair .

Usally when something is unfair people will go out and protest .Like I sated before I feel like people outside of Iran should protest . One of the reason I think this because I feel like every country should have equal rights . Without equals rights the wrold wont be peaceful .The wrold would also be full of protest . Another reason that I think that people out side of Iran should protest is because if the whole world is against the Iranian government than they can be able to agree and shut down the protest.