Human Furture

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Human Furture is very important today we have people like elon musk who is working on Human Furture he has developed alot of materials for are human furture. We have a will knowed comany named Nasa. Nasa was first working on are ocean trying to discory more about are ocean. More than 80% of are ocean is unknown. But now Nasa is working on space trying to discory more about space now they have been looking for life on mars seeing if we can live there as human beings. Comanys and People trying to change a Human Furture positivitly is doing a great thing to this world now some benfits to elon musk and Nasa or SpaceX is really improve technology, health and more just by doing what they do best. Its really amazing looking back at what we had then to what we have now like looking at history it self is amazing.