Space is a positive human future?

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Outer space is the mysterious black region that is located 100 kilometers above the Earth, and this region is distinguished as a void that does not carry any air to breathe on it. discovered by the outer space astronauts while they were in it, where the planets and stars in it were discovered and identified and their characteristics and information about them and other scientific discoveries.

For example, in our time, we know a lot about outer space, but how? I will explain this to you. In the past years, we used to discover outer space through outer space astronauts who have the passion and ability to discover it. Now we are through the Internet. New space discoveries come to us without the need to travel to it, for example, NASA at this time. Who does not know what NASA is? ?

NASA is the official agency of the United States government that maintains the space program of the United States of America

It brought together all pioneers and astronomers in one agency and one project that tells us about discoveries related to space.

▶️My opinion on this topic This topic is a wonderful and important topic, and this is one of these topics.

The reasons, in my opinion, are:

Space is a mysterious, anonymous place that we must discover and know, but it is interesting and exciting.

Space science is a broad and important science that must be dealt with and taught in classes, as it is a science that tells us about space events and their impact on us through satellites, since we live on one of its planets such as meteorites, eclipses and other events, so we must learn it and pay attention to teaching it.

We must appreciate the discoveries of astronauts and astronomers because they get tired during their work and their discoveries

So we must appreciate it by paying attention to it and learning it.

▶️The question that arises is, is space a safe and positive human future?

In my opinion, whatever human future is, space will not be better than planet Earth:

Because of the lack of gravity in it, it will be very difficult to deal with it.

However, there is no oxygen to breathe or any air to diffuse light in.

It is not subject to the life matters that we do on earth, such as agriculture.

And other reasons.

▶️*Now it's your turn*

What do you think about those who say that space is a positive human future? And why?