Challenges facing the doctor

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My topic about the shortage of doctors

As we know that this profession is one of the most important professions in the world, I want to give the most important information about the doctor (he is the person who diagnoses the patient’s condition and illness and gives him the appropriate medicine, so the doctor treats the most precious thing a person has in his life, which is his body, and this doctor also has a positive impact on society in educating people risks to their health and many more.

And this doctor is appreciated and respected for his efforts despite the dangers of his profession, but he risks his life for the sake of people’s comfort and risks, just as we faced two years ago the Corona pandemic, and it was contagious. Despite the spread of the disease, doctors were working day and night without fear for the comfort of these patients despite the danger.

The medical profession faces many challenges, including /

Among these problems before studying medicine / 1- The high rate of acceptance of students 2- The high financial costs of studying medicine 3- It took students many years to study it, but after completing the study other problems begin

1- First: exhaustion and exhaustion. 2- Low salaries (in some countries).

3- Not providing them with everything they need (the government does not provide them).

to find solutions to these problems

1- Promoting the importance of medicine in the lives of all people

2- Governments must provide all requirements for a doctor. 3- Facilitating the process of students entering this profession, so that there will be a sufficient number of doctors in this country

I want to ask everyone a question

What is your favorite medical specialty and what are the most important advantages of this specialty?! Because medicine contains many disciplines

And another question, what is alternative medicine and what are its benefits?!