Doctor Shortages

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Doctor shortages is really important to me and it should be for you there are many reasons I chose doctor shortages one reason I chose doctor shortages is because doctors aren’t appreciated enough for the things they do I mean they try their hardest to handle rude patients the reason they do it is because they love taking care of people and don’t care about rude comments but sometimes it's hard they also have to work on holidays when they could be at home with friends and family but they choose to work. Another reason I chose doctor shortages is because people don’t know how much future doctors spend on medical school just for some not to even make it through intern year I think colleges should give out more scholarships and lower prices for these poor medical students I mean some don’t even get to go to college and live their dreams due to the fact schools are to expensive nowadays first they pay for college than medical school which is a lot of debt For the students with no scholarships.But I can’t really blame them that much because think about how expensive it is to have doctors I mean you have to think about things such as covid - 19 ,Flu, Monkeypox ,and more spiking.And all those things that doctor need to figure out cures cost a lot of money and some hospitals just can’t pay for things that doctors require to work there so doctors go to other places and storage is going down, also the students that live in poor places with bad hospitals leave abroad which means less doctors for that place I think its many ways to not cause doctor shortages one is by making cheap medical schools and maybe they could find other ways to pay medical school such as community services or anything and they could pay hospitals more so that the people with poor hospitals decide to stay there and for them to pay for the equipment that the doctors need to be able to find cures or do other things they could also pay doctors the amount of money they need and they could pay underpaid people such as nurses which I know would totally agree with me because they are really underrated. In Conclusion I think a lot of things could be changed to stop doctor shortages.