Doctor shortages are here----and they'll get worse if we don't act fast

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Doctors shortage is a growing concern in many countries around the world.

Importance of Doctors:-

As we all know the importance of doctors in this World. I think the most precious thing to a person is her/his health. Doctors are the saviour of people's health. Salute to those all the doctors who work tirelessly for all the people.


The decreasing rate of doctors is a serious issue of all time. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that there is a global shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses and other professionals.

Also the demand for doctors is increasing due to over population.

Well, I think it is the most serious issue in Developing Countries due to limited numbers and capacity of medical schools in these countries.

For instance, Their is an excessive growth in population and doctor to patient ratio is not as of the world standard like in developed countries.

One doctor for 400 patients, while in developing countries, one doctor is for 1500 patients!!!

Pay them as they pay others a new life!!

They work more than their capacity.

And I personally think being a doctor is a great responsibility to look after the patients throughout your whole life. They work so hard and get stressed in night shifts. And then if they aren't pay equal to the efforts they made, they are discouraged.

Causes of Doctor Shortages:-

● High Merit

● Lower quality care

● Higher prices for consultation

● Overwork and stress

The main reason in my country Pakistan, there are less medical universities so many candidates can't get chance to continue medical field due to high merit.

Also as there is a social media and modern era so people prefer other professions rather than medical.

Seeing the doctors provided less facilities comparing their hardwork, many people don't take up this prefession.


A federal funding program that would reduce the overall burden of the cost of medical schools is often hailed as a key piece of the solution to doctors shortage.

To rise awareness at basic level about care and consultancy.

To make more technology based universities.

Free Medical camps.