Doctor shortages — the cause

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

What causes doctor shortages? If we look into it, it is that most doctors in developing countries, or in fact, even in developed countries, would prefer to treat wealthy patients, who can afford the required procedures and medicines. Besides, in urban areas, it is easier to access more equipments, which contribute greatly to the quality of their treatment, and also make it much easier for the doctors to work. Many medicines too, are accessible and affordable by people in these areas.

None of these facilities are available in rural areas. The population is mostly poor, too poor to afford necessary treatments, medicines, and even if they could, such places would probably not have any materials a doctor may need. No one is to blame, as the doctor is only trying to earn, and the patients are only trying to survive.

It is, however, still quite disappointing that healthcare, a necessity for everyone, is considered a luxury for so many. All around the world, equality is preached, and yet they must suffer and face death simply due to their living conditions, over which most have no control.

A solution for the problem could be free healthcare for all, but it has it's downside as well. Before everything else, the quality of treatments will deteriorate rapidly, as thousands and thousands will have to be treated at the same time. Even then, the shortage will exist, as enough doctors may not be employed, and it's difficult to predict how many may agree to it, because of the even lower wages. Medicines are extremely costly, so if the government wished to help the poor and sick, they would have to spend insane amounts to produce what's needed.

It is hard to keep hope when the situation is such. There is possibly no cure that can be completely effective, with our growing population and the growing costs of medical facilities, and the many other issues we face. We could still try out many methods, such as employing more doctors in the rural areas, making modern medical infrastructure available there, and trying to allocate more of the government's budget towards the health sector. With developing technologies and discoveries, we can still have faith, and hopefully soon enough, we can find some way to deal with this issue, which still continues to consume the poorer and weaker sections of society to this day.