Doctors' dedication in Palestine

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Good morning to the doctors all over the world. In fact, we know that there are many of the smartest health workers and doctors in the world, but there is a shortage of them. Now, I want to talk about the doctors in Palestine . Generally, the medical staff in Palestine work with cut salaries and a shortage of resources. There's shortage of cannulas, betadine, syrenges, gloves, catheters, cotton wool, and urine bags. Hats off for the doctors, nurses, paramedics and all the medical team for their hard efforts in helping and serving their people despite the shortage of of stuff and equipments here. I would like to thank our doctors and nurses. They are the real knights who are doing their best to save our lives even in the time of several wars on palestine.

Actually, I live in a city called Rafah and its population is more than 260000 persons. Abu Yosuf El-Najar Hospital is the only hospital in Rafah governorate. Previously, it was a modest clinic, and then was transferred to a hospital because of the events of the second Intifada in (2000). Who can believe that 65 beds in Abu Yousef El-Najar hospital are for more than a quarter of a million people at a rate of one bed for (3700) citizens?! (20) patients are transferred to hospitals locating outside Rafah daily. It is the only hospital which doesn’t have a Department of Burns and Cardiology. People suffer greatly to get the health services. So people in Rafah protested many times to ask for building a big hospital in Rafah so the government has recently specified a piece of land to build a hospital on it. I hope seeing the people in my city having good medical services.