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The profession of a doctor is the job associated with providing medical treatment to patients suffering from injuries and diseases, and includes prescribing traditional treatments such as drugs, providing primary health care, or specializing in a specific field of medicine such as pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and anesthesia , and others.

The doctor's profession depends on diagnosing the patient's health conditions, through the use of a set of tests, and then obtaining their results in order to prescribe appropriate treatments for the patient, which contributes to reducing the impact of the injury or disease that he suffers from, and the doctor must possess extensive knowledge in the field The medical profession.

Educational requirements for a doctor In order for an individual to be able to study medicine to become a doctor, he must fulfill a set of educational requirements, namely: Obtaining an official and accredited degree in medicine from a medical college. Achieving medical accreditation from the council or the body responsible for medical studies and medical education. Pass a comprehensive medical examination to obtain the required medical licenses. Issuance of the accredited board certificate in order to approve the specialty of medicine for the doctor, after obtaining training for a specific period of time.

But despite the importance of the doctor's role, we suffer from a shortage

The problem of lack of doctors is due to many problems, including the long period of study, the high cost, and the psychological pressure that afflicts the learner, instead of the fact that some countries do not have universities to teach the profession, and it is necessary to travel abroad,Instead of the practitioner receiving many problems such as low wages, high pressure, and others at the expense of the person, so he takes refuge for students to practice another profession or enter the medical field, but within a simple work such as a pharmacy.

In my opinion:

Universities should be provided to teach this profession. The medical profession is not like building houses and other things, but rather to build hope for life.

2 Provide university scholarships for students.

Increasing doctors' wages, as humanity's lives are in their hands

Finding places for employment for doctors, which reduces immigration and keeps the poor in the country

It is true that doctors are tasked with taking care of us, but this does not mean that we should not take care of ourselves and those around us.