Global Food Crisis: Causes and Solutions

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Of all the festival topics, I am most passionate about the topic 'Global Food Crisis'.

Poverty and hunger is common to all societies, and most persistent in developing societies. Families trapped in the cycle of poverty usually can't afford nutritious food leading to under nourishment.

In turn, under nourishment makes it difficult for people to earn more money so that they can afford healthy food.

War and Conflicts form another vicious cycle. In Sudan for example, civil war has led to mass displacement and abandoned farmlands. The result is crop failure which combined with a soaring inflation rate, makes imported food unaffordable.

My standpoint on this issue is that governments, all over the world, should be more serious about ways we can ensure that no one is left behind the world's food day.

Governments should fund humanitarian efforts to prevent famine, invest in small scale farming, invest in climate policies ( smart agriculture).

From the submission of my fellow students from across the participating countries, I believe it's time to embrace innovative Agricultural planning and the use of technological storage procedures and management schemes, to ensure adequate circulation of food for a sustainable earth.