How can we fix doctor shortage

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Imagine a world without doctors, and healthcare is needed. Doctor shortage is the shortage of doctors within a country. The problem of doctor shortage is a problem needed to be fixed for a sustainable healthcare system. Not having healthcare can also cause problem directly to you, your faminly, and your freinds. You can get sick and there would be no doctors to take care of you.

One reason why doctor shortage is a things because of immergation from other countries, that leave there home country vunarble. Doctors leave their country for another problem of shortage; poor income of students that are at collage to become a doctor. If another country is paying more for doctors, student would want to go live at that country. People are effects by this because there are no doctor to treat them. Some solutions for this could be making some treatment free, pay more for student in collage, and make AI doctors.

In an interview a person said that " Doctors just need to do their jobs and stop crying" and another said that "Doctors should be one of our main topics to fix". I feel like scientist and enginerr should work together to create a AI that can do procedures so doctors are not overwelmed. Or pay more for collage student that are becoming doctors. If that doesnt work some treatment should be free like shots. This solution could cause problem like doctors not getting paid enough. Doctor shortage should be a big problem, that needs to get fixed.