Human Life at risk

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

As it has been known that the Human body isn't a Stone,we get tired,we get sick due to one thing or the other,we reproduce and we do everything to protect our health, all with the help of a medical personnel,A doctor to be precise!!!!

Due to financial issues,worse economy and corrupted leaders in countries like Nigeria where they can't provide the necessary amenities for people who take care of them.The brain drain of the health sector increases

How does this help the industrialized countries and dampens the developing countries?

When doctors move from a country,the country is bound to experience increase in Health issues,such as cholera,polio, yellow fever to mention few for the little ones, neck and back pain and diabetes for the old aged

Shortage of doctors have negative consequences on a state as long people get sick, there's no treatment for them in which people did at a very high rate

There's a probability the young might not grow due to the deficit in their body or even death might take them at early stage

In my country,we hear on the radio, see on our phone,read on newspapers and watch on televisions,the amount of qualified doctors who leave he country for industrialized countries,then we hear news of people who did Out of disease outbreak

Young people should be enjoined and enlighten to Join the medical field and take care of people around them

Those in medical field should be taken care of constantly which includes promotion on merit, attractive wages and salaries and also time to enjoy themselves