Importance of doctors.

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I liked this topic the most because I think doctors from all over the world are heroes as they risk their lives to save others so for an e when the covid-19was very harsh and all people were in their homes to be safe the doctors were away from their houses and families trying their best to give good care to the patients so doctors have a big role in everyone's life , a Lot of people say that doctors don't get the enough money for what they're doing and I totally agree with that so this happens especially in poor count ies but that makes a lot of doctors travel to other countries to get the kind of money they need , this thing is good for doctors but very bad for people who are living in the poor countrit's because they don't have the number of doctors needed so I think that the medical politics have to have a balance of giving a nice income for all doctors to not decrease the number of doctors in any country so all people can be rescued and healthy.