Noble humanitarian work

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The medical profession is one of the finest and noblest professions in society, and it is the profession of merciful hearts that works in the service of humanity to relieve people from their pain and suffering. From my point of view, doctors are the foundation of society, and we cannot dispense with the role of doctors in serving the community and the country as a whole, educating society about diseases and preventing them, and their humanitarian role in helping patients. And a day without getting tired If the body suffers and we do not find a cure for it, society will be torn apart.With regard to progress, a worker cannot work as a result of his illness, and a student cannot study as a result of the pain he suffers. There are also infectious diseases, and thus infections spread and deaths increase, and doctors have an active role in building the nation. The doctor instills beautiful human meanings in the members of society in terms of generalizing the concept of integration and social solidarity, helping others and toiling for their comfort, which gives the society as a whole a wonderful example based on spending for the comfort of others. I really hope to play the same humanitarian role in the future. I want to do good and help othersIn conclusion, I hope that countries and society will pay attention to the profession of doctors and their effective role, and to grant them their rights. Without doctors, societies would have perished. I hope I was able to convey some of my thoughts on this topic. My question is, what is the role played by the state and the government in giving the doctor money in order to guarantee the doctor his rights and appreciate his work, especially in light of wars and crises?