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Well,for the past few days, everyone in class has been discussing the big question "doctor shortages" but what exactly are they.If you ask me, i think these are situations where needed healthcare cannot be provided sufficiently to the people due to the doctors not being there to carry on the duty.According to research,many doctors are resigning and taking on other jobs to earn a living,others choose to go abroad to look for greener pastures for their families,Actually I have witnessed myself in my country,doctors refuse to work and they strike to show government that they also have value and we should be paid well" depicting that cause of what they had done was underpayment and the money they are paid is just not enough for them and they have always promised them pay rises but nothing was worked upon,They are also too overworked that they don't even get enough time with their families since they are always looking for the wellbeing of the patients.What discourages is that they too have to pay rent,pay school fees and transport fees whereby it becomes so heavy to fight with the cost of living given that everything is skyrocket now,the government has abandoned the doctor." Yet they risk their lives as front liners in pandemics and live stressful lives just so other citizens can leave happily.

I think the government should raise their payments such that they can enjoy their work and even attract more going students to take medicine courses with no hesitation for example Hong Kong pays doctors well so there many studying to also become doctors,others even leave their countries and go there.Once there is enough manpower, doctors won't exhaust themselves too much and they won't be overworked.Its also our responsibility to take care.of our bodies from sickness to reduce the doctors workload,Practices like jogging,avoid too much oily foods and eating vegetables, sleeping enough,taking less alcohol and drinking safe water are really good for our health."An apple a day,keeps the doctor away" Let's support our doctors and provide them with a good working environment so that they love their job more and save more lives.

Together,we can eradicate Dr.shortages.