Our doctors are a crown above our heads

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The topic of health care: the shortage of doctors was one of the most important topics of the festival, as medicine is a very great and invaluable profession And we can say that medicine and doctors are the ones who preserved the world and humanity from extinction, as we have seen that in the Covid-19 pandemic The virus has spread widely and there were a number of victims, but thanks to our doctors and their wonderful efforts and awareness, we were able to limit this pandemic And it ended with the grace of God and then thanks to the doctors. Doctors are given a hat of respect for the honor of their profession and the efforts they have made While studying medicine, they still take responsibility for many people's lives While studying medicine, they still take responsibility for many people's lives And the psychological and physical pressures they go through and their separation from their families most of the time because of their stay in the hospital But in these times, the problem of lack of doctors has become present in most countries of the world, and this is due to the countries' lack of interest in their doctors As they deserve, the governments of the countries must give their doctors the amount they deserve, give them freedom in their opinions, and reduce the university costs of studying medicine And the establishment of additional medical colleges. Finally, I would like to ask a question, which is as follows: What if your country issues a decision that studying medicine will be compulsory, as the country knows of an upcoming danger and needs doctor Does the state agree with its decision why and why not?