Shortage of doctors

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


According to oxford dictionary,a doctor is a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill and that person usually holds the highest university degree. Research has it that we have more than 23kinds of doctors in the world and these include;

-A pediatrician and this is the one who is in charge of childhood medicine mainly those below the age of 18 years.

-A neurologist and this one is in charge treating people who have had problems like stroke.

-A Psychiarist and this one helps to treat people with mental health.

-A surgeon and this one helps on analyzing people’s health performance and then creates a surgical plan.

-Ophthalmologist and this one helps to treat people’s eyes and he sometimes performs an oral surgery on them.

-Dermatologist helps to treat people with skin problems like acne,rashes,cancer and so many skin diseases.

-Cardiologist helps to treat the heart and sometimes the blood vessels.

-Allergist helps to treat people with immune diseases like asthma.

-Orthopedist treats the joints,bones and muscles.

Now the big question is why do we have a shortage of doctors ? I think we have a shortage in doctors because training new doctors like dermatologists,cardiologists is time consuming whereby it can take a period of 4years and this makes the young nurses not to gain morale of going back school since many think they might even miss out on life enjoying life.

The other cause is the cost of training.For one to be a physician,he or she needs to pay $1214 in the medical school in Kampala as tuition which is quiet expensive thus making young nurses not to go for further studies.

The big population of the people in the country which requires doctors to go for shifts has made them overwhelmed and this has made them to fear to work thus deciding to leave away their jobs and they decide to resign and be at home.

Other issue is the limits on the medical schools where for one to join these schools,one needs to have performed very well for example in Uganda one is required to have gotten a minimum of 19points at high school.this has made students who would like to join medical schools to lose hope hence this has decreased on the number of students who enroll in those schools.

There has a challenge of insufficient investment in training new staff whereby the old doctors donot want to train young and new people since they think they would take their jobs.

the government has also failed to account for the shortage of doctors in the country whereby people in charge tend to hide the would be money to recruit new doctors is taken away by those officials.

There is shortage of doctors because of the lack of reasources needed to train new doctors that would help to replace the retired personnels.

Another cause of doctor shortage is the problem of less payments and pension taxes given to the doctors.many doctors like surgeons face a challenge high taxes put on their pensions promised to them and this makes them to hate the job thus deciding to leave and join their family members at home. Now the question is how do we motivate young school going students,nurses to go back for another degree so that we get more doctors in the world?