Sustainable Healthcare: Doctor shortages

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Hospitals are understaffed. It is a fact. Unfortunately, YOU could be part of the blockage. YOU could help thousands of doctors worldwide. Firstly, you’ll have to learn about the drastic situation that the doctors are in. In West Middlesex, you have to work long hours and night shifts. The average pay for a doctor is currently £51,000. It is NOT enough. It HAS to change. They deserve more. They NEED more. We WILL make this happen. Now, we’ll discuss what we should be doing. We should be:

*Learning how how understaffed hospitals affect healthcare

*Learning why people should or shouldn’t go to the doctor

*Learning why doctors are unavailable sometimes

*Learning why you should check with your GP before going to hospital unless it is very serious

Here in the UK many doctors quit training while they are junior doctors and they don’t even attempt to become senior doctors or even finish training! However, in some poorer countries it is a case of less education and not the fact that many doctors quit their jobs. In contrast, in some countries like Japan, the people go to the doctor so often that they now have limited doctor availability! Is it not the case that many people even so much as check the illness that they may (or may not) have? People should check the seriousness of the issue before at least attempting to visit a hospital! I myself during covid had issues going to the doctor! Unfortunately, many people disagree. Instead, going to the doctor less frequently they visit it very much regularly. Do people not understand? Are they as selfish as they prove to be? Luckily, it is not just us. NHS staff here in the UK are going on strike as they deserve better pay. Imagine the long, arduous hours the staff have to go through getting not as much pay as they deserve! The doctors surely deserve higher pay and much more respect. How has society stood for this level of unfairness?

In conclusion, what I (and many others) believe is that the doctors deserve higher pay and people should at least check the seriousness of the issue before consulting a single member of NHS staff. We can change this together and we can make sure that people who urgently need to go to the hospital can do this. This can happen. It must happen.