The doctor shortages and solutions for doctor shortages

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Today, the story is going to be about doctor shortages and how to stop the shortages that is going around the world and how. Shortages means like to lose a business or consumers. Why is it important for me about doctor shortages is becuase that i don't want people to lose there lives with sickness and dieases. People like to spend time with family and friend with the time they got in life and we are hoping that we get more doctor with more eductcations. Who was affect in this topic were the doctors because they don't have a lot of educations in them and they need to leave there state or country to go try to get the best education from other country or states. The perspective that i have are, for the negative, if you want to become a doctor and if there are any problems than you than you have to Excessive Competitions. The other perspective from someone is, the doctor's and nurses aren't getting paid enough for there hard work saving lives for othe people. My opinion is doctor shortages should get more educations from other people that are experts at being a doctors. The examples that i have are more doctors, doctors needs more educations, doctors needs a raise, and lesser death for people. The questions that i have for people is, Should doctors get more educations or not? What is next i'll talk about is fast fashion.