why is there a shortage of doctors

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Hmm i'm starting to notice that its less doctors day by day what could possibly be wrong? Wait, I think I have a clue! . The hospital CEOs might have spent a large amount of money on buying equipment and paying rent which caused money to get low and doctors pay check decreased which caused them to leave, And less people started to come to the hospital. What do you think about this? I think that hospital CEOs should just save money and not buy any equipment. How does this impact the doctors? The doctors' paychecks decrease.

How would this affect the government?.No this would not affect the government, the government would just not give out a lot of money, the hospital would get small amounts of money when it's time . So eventually money started to come out of the CEOs pocket Until one day they got asked to do an advertisement to promote the hospital. So a couple of weeks went by and they started to get money coming in and thousands of people started to apply for the job and more and more people started to come into the hospital. So they decided to hold up half the money inside the bank. So now this hospital is one of the most known hospital that goes by the name of “Grady Health System”