Why we need robot doctors

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


There’s a big problem occurring in the world today and it’s a doctor shortage. I think that we need more doctors because there are people dying because some people go to the doctor that don’t need medical treatment. Most people take up doctores time when they don’t need it. Others need surgery and the doctor is not there because there helping other patients. That's why i think we need robot doctors.They don’t have emotions but they do have almost infinite knowledge. Robot doctors know how to do surgery and everything.

Some people might not like the robot doctors because they look weird or act weird but that’s ok because they are meant to be there to help you not to attack you. If you think that it might die on you there will be a charger in the room and it will be recharged before you enter this is a better way of treating most people that need help.

Some people don’t know how much more efficient thing would be if we did. They could do checkups and other things like that too. Most talk about that they need a doctor to help them but there over reacting so they take up some of the doctors time wasting time for the others. We need robot doctors so that human doctors can go get other patients this could resolve the doctor shortage.