food crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


There are only 820 hungry people in Africa and Asia for the year 2018, and now the percentage is increasing significantly and noticeably, and the big question here, which everyone must know its solution, is why??
First, because the percentage of carbon dioxide is rising, this affects a lot on food and plants, and also because of the export and import means of transport that increase the percentage of carbon dioxide, and the solution to this problem is that we solve the problem of climate change by cultivating more Plants and teaching others how to grow plants, place and time, for example bananas need places with high temperatures and other things
Secondly, because of looking at the profession of agriculture and farming as a profession of the poor and uneducated, so we must appreciate the work of the farmer and give him financial rewards due to the fatigue that makes him tired, whether it is in the summer under the sun, or in the winter under the rain and other physical activity And the fitness of the farmer
Thirdly, the fact that we ourselves waste food and we do not feed while others are hungry and also food illiteracy is widespread, so the government must spread education about the importance of food and how we can help solve this crisis

There are many solutions that we can do: Me: I have to buy food only what suffices me and my family in order not to waste food, and also we can use canned, dried and preserved foods to eat and hide new foods for the future, and we can also grow plants such as potatoes, rice and wheat in a place About our home, as it is the pillar of food upon which man relies, and to offer extra food to charities to provide it to the poor.
The government: jolly_vegetable said "The government can also train some measures that can help to solve the problem of global food crisis for example it can decide to ban restrictions on the international market by allowing its citizens to transport those kinds of foods at a low cost charged on them as taxes and this will motivate them to work so hard since research has it that countries that depend on agriculture are economically stable since they get more income on these agricultural products.” And I totally agree with him, otherwise the government can license food In order for everyone to be able to buy the food they need

In the end, I want to say that the reason is not a lack of food, as our land is able to feed everyone, but the main reason is that we are the ones who say that this is not enough, but it may be enough and a lot can eat a hungry little child, so let us unite to solve this problem the problem .