Food crisis and the other reality

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The food crisis is really as what meant by crisis. This topic moved me very much because I live in a poor area and I see my friends suffering at my school. Their need to food and clothes is painful. My mom often give me an extra sandwich to my close friend. My friend is clever and have a warm heart and she never complains. At my school they distribute coupon for poor students everyday so they can eat their breakfast and feel cared they also this month distributed coats for student who dont have. We work together with one hand. At Gaza people don't have work because we don't have factories that provide jobs for them. Their families look for jobs but the face the reality in Gaza and the accept some money that don't meet their basic needs. I feel thankful because I have a school and a family that care for others.

On the other hand every time I enter the youtube and see some short videos for people who throw food on the ground, cars walking on food, and pouring a huge amount of food and drinks in a small cup. The people that suffer from the food crisis, the things that I knew here about the hunger in many countries and my friends at school and neighbours. This irresponsible act cab be turned to feed the hunger. The only war is the war on the poor. Honestly I'm so proud of people who come forward to help with a big heart not just for the sake of helping but really think through about it!