Food shortage and crisis.

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Lack of food is a problem that people suffer from in some societies. The lack of food may be due to the climate, the fertility of the soil, or the population also through their lack of interest in crops Such as the lack of farmers in the region or in the community, and also that the lack of food causes hunger and need, but this happens through the lack of interest in the community for crops, there are some areas that cultivate, care, and harvest their crops and produce their own food But it does not help other societies (which do not have farmers or there are no lands suitable for agriculture) and this increases the number of hunger and need, because lack of food is a big problem that can cause many diseases and can cause The death of some children and the elderly as well, so everyone has to take care of helping other areas, and some cultivate and take care of their land, and some of them work as farmers to ease the situation in the communities.

The problem of food shortage could have solutions such as: 1/ That the government works to reclaim some desert areas, for example, or And the establishment of industrial projects to convert agricultural products and others.

Here you have a question:

How can the problem of food shortages be overcome with the current population density?