Food shortage

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


One of the main rights that everyone must have is food security.I can't imagine how someone can go to bed while he is hungry.The FAO's Global Report on food crises said that 193 million people in 53 countries were food insecure and need urgent help.Since Covid-19 we are facing a huge raise in food prices and the middle class are already struggling to manage this problem ,so how about poor people? How can they survive if we don't react immediately. There are many reasons for this disaster. First, Climate shocks destroy plants,crops and lives.Also, the conflict that we always suffer from like violence and wars are main causes for this crisis. Climate change leads to droughts that causes starvation and also global warming causes rising sea levels which will lead to floods and extreme weather conditions which are frequent and intensive than before.Due to the economic shocks, prices are constantle increasing and people's access to food became limited. Furthermore, a huge amount of food is wasted and mostly in developed countries. In addition, there are unfair trade rules which are responsible for not rewarding the farmers for their efforts. In addition, the rise in population means an increase in food insecurity as there are extra mouths to feed.

We have to unite to end this hunger problem as it is a global problem. Why don't we invest in smallholder farmers as they are the backbone of rural communities .When governments help farmers and provide them with their essential needs and thus food production will be increased and they will become more resilient and they will be able to face economic shocks. As individuals, we can take actions to tackle food shortage.First, we can write a list of our needs before going to the market so that we can't end up buying food items that aren't needed. We can also label the food in the fridge according to their expiry date to organise our consumption . Every community can have a team of young people to provide it with fridges so that people can put the food they don't need in them to share it with people who are in need.Schools can organise campaigns in which students can participate to help poor people .Students can participate with their efforts,money and food so they know the importance of food conservation.

Food shortage is global as it is a problem that threatens all the lives that live in this world. They can start to use smart technology in industries to avoid more pollution to our environment.Donations also play an important role to halt world hunger.Countries can also encourage farming in the cities by encouraging urban citizens to grow crops indoors, why not? and of course this will help to minimise climate change impacts.

Finally, we have to unite with each other to get over world hunger. Peace ,cooperation ,equity and differences acceptance and the keys to end all our problems.