Global Food crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


A food crisis occurs when countries or people cannot meet their food needs.

#### Causes ###:

* Economic shocks (high prices, inflation, difficult economic situation...) and environmental shocks (hurricanes, floods, drought...).

* Conflict and wars, as a third of the world's wheat supplies come from Ukraine, but because of the war, supplies (wheat, sunflower oil....) stopped, and agriculture is no longer what it used to be. And if it is imported, it is not valid because of harmful chemical contamination.

* Climate change affects weather patterns, as it rains at a different time instead of the occurrence of dry seasons, and all this negatively affected crops.

* The Corona virus affected many families, as the state obligated them not to leave their homes, and this made them unable to secure their daily sustenance.

* The displacement of farmers from villages to cities and the search for government jobs, as working with crops has become costly and unprofitable, so they resort to changing their work.

* High prices of goods, which does not allow some to buy them.


* Families can no longer afford to buy the necessities of life, and for this reason they have resorted to taking their children out of schools, so that they may help them in work.

* Compulsory marriage for some young girls, as their families can no longer preserve their lives, so they resort to marrying them off, and thus reduce exchange costs

* The death of the poor and the homeless due to starvation

* Slavery where the father / mother sells some of their children to take care of the rest.

### Solutions ###

* Donate to charities

* Learn farming methods (cultivation seasons, soil, nurseries and crops...)

*Methods of food preservation (drying, salting, refrigeration...)

* Buying local food and commodities to ensure quality and safety, which helps in improving the local economy....

But the remaining question in our minds will famine increase or t???